The SHLH Strategy Planning Consultant Service is based on our rich resources in the wellness industry platform on both sides of the straits. For clients who intend to get into the wellness industry, we propose unique and expandable Strategy Planning Consultant Services to meet our client’s project requirements, including a comprehensive solution about strategy planning, mid-level architecture design, environment forming, back-end operation resources, and staff training.

        By constantly checking and tweaking the strategy in the planning process, the team will gradually establish recommended options for feasible strategy planning, but if this data still cannot represent the final summary, the strategy team will provide suggestions and may also have the possibility to terminate the strategy consultant task.


Strategy Consultant Services can be separated into several stages:

        Strategy Consultant Services vary according to the requirements of each client to proceed the management works at different phases, which include Preliminary Strategic Positioning, Overall Planning, Operational Positioning, Business Development Planning, Financial Estimate, and Investment Planning (increasing the efficiency and benefits by preliminary analysis before investing the projects). Each stage includes the following:

A. Early communication and execution time

        1. Thorough conversation and strategy intent interview with clients.

        2. Clients have to provide the intent-based information for analysis.

        3. Consultant analysis suggestion about the project strategy.

        4. On the basis of project scale, confirmation of request interviews may take 2-3 weeks or longer.

B. Processes and phases

        Phase 1: Exactly understand the requirements, mainly focus on strategic positioning and top-tier design. Main services and time as follows:

        Main services and time as follows:

            1) Enterprise vision/ Core value/ Operation idea/ Target communication

            2) Inner and Outer resources analysis

            3) PEST Analysis which includes: in-area strategy, economics, society environment, healthcare industry techniques analysis (population and public spending structure, economics scale, healthcare and elderly care requirements,)

            4) Radiated analysis of industrial healthcare service supplement and requirement.

            5) Top-tier structure design, business model design, product frame design.

            6) SWOT competitiveness module analysis.

            7) The foregoing data analysis may take 4-6 weeks or longer.

        Phase 2: Completing the development plan and product module feasibility assessment forms the early project.

        Main services and time as follows:

            1) Major healthcare product/ Elderly care product/ Service category pre-planning.

            2) Products resources investment analysis and competition strategy pre-planning.

            3) Operation team build/ Staff training/ Resources platform and co-op organization pre-planning.

            4) Product combination planning and pre-investment estimate.

            5) The foregoing data analysis may take 4-8 weeks or longer.

        Phase 3: Flexible operation planning which can be started at the mid-late period, and allows for easier adjustment once the product change has happened.

        Main services and time as follows:

            1) Assist formulating preliminary operation plan in each period.

            2) Assist product operation financial assessment and investment planning.

            3) Product content and business model design/ fundamental equipment and resources distribution planning.

            4) Organizational positioning and human resources build planning.

            5) Completion of operational plan.

            6) The foregoing data analysis may take 8-12 weeks or longer.

        Phase 4: Project closing and project delivery report.