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Talent Philosphy

The most important wealth in the 21st century is the human resources. Stable and excellent staff is the foundation of the company.

We lay stress on the training of our staff’s capability, hoping to promote the overall ability and professional skills by multi-faceted skills upgrading, potential discovery and research and development, and punishment and welfare In addition, we organize staff training, invite experts, and professors and senior colleagues to deliver lectures to, enhancing the overall work ability and professional standards of our employees. For potential employees, we should give positive affirmations and promotions when they make outstanding contributions to the company. Personal evaluation system with appropriate reward mechanism so that each employee's working performance, working ability and contributions are fully associated with individual salaries and positions. Good performance get encouraged and the bad one get eliminated. Future plan of human resource will take consideration of accepting internal staffs rotation applications, and put them in the right position with flexibility. As a result, we can both meet the designers’ curiosity for different knowledge and cultivate multi-faceted talent.

UMC will offer its employees a space to create and display their talent and look forward with enthusiasm, expertise and creativity of you to join us and work together to create a better design , to meet more challenges and opportunities.