Lian Hua Architecture Shanghai branch office (SHLH) is a professional big wellness industry platform service company that provides preliminary strategic planning, intermediate healthcare architecture design (for the hospital, elderly care and wellbeing industries), as well as back-end resource integration. Through over ten years endeavor in China, SHLH has finished more than 50 AAA 3-tier hospital projects, and won several awards, including the first year’s hospital Architectural Design Award (first prize and second prize). At the same time, our completed constructions have also won the National Building Luban Prize and the Provinces and Cities High Quality Engineering Prize several times. In 2013, SHLH became the first Chinese architecture company to be nominated for a World Architecture Festival (WAF) award. In 2017, SHLH received a second WAF award nomination for the best global future medicare project again, with the Fuzhou Maternity and Child Healthcare Hospital project, and we are dedicated to leading China’s medicare construction internationally.

Moreover, SHLH has nearly 30 large-scale hospital experiences (1,000+ beds each), and more than 80 general hospitals, special hospitals and foreign-invested private hospitals. Our team possesses abundant design knowledge, as well as strategic and preparation experience, which makes SHLH one of the top tier groups in China’s hospital design field. SHLH aims to integrate design, research and inventory spirit in different fields, with the ideology of a boutique’s high quality, and to keep progressing in the architecture design field while focusing on developments in the healthcare industry at the same time, achieving the goal of globalization and professionalization.

SHLH Director and President Mr. Chang, Shih-Chih has lived and worked in China for more than 20 years. Mr. Chang’s team’s designs are continuously used as templates for modernization of hospital projects, attracting hundreds and thousands of people from related industries to visit his projects. Mr. Chang also became the first Chinese architect to be nominated for a World Architecture Festival (WAF) award in 2013, and received a second nomination for a WAF award in 2017 as the only nominated Chinese architect. Mr. Chang not only has international vision, but also a thorough understanding of marketing and construction project execution in China. His projects cover the whole country, and more than 30% of his hospital projects won China’s Top 100 Hospital Award in Northeast, North, East, South and West China. along with services such as Preliminary Strategic Positioning, Overall Planning, Operational Positioning, Business Development Planning, Financial Estimate, and Investment Planning to increase the efficiency and benefits by preliminary analysis before investing the projects, this makes SHLH one of the top tier groups in China’s healthcare & elderly care design fields.

Nowadays, Mr. Chang is dedicated to combining industry development in the healthcare & elderly care fields with architectural research. The Yanda International Healthcare City project, completed in 2010, has become a pioneer of the combination of healthcare & elderly care industries in China, and his dissertation about elderly care research won the Excellent Award from Fudan University School of Management and the Presidential Award from National Taiwan University, and he hopes to contribute his knowledge to improving our aging society.